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Add Audio to Video

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Add audio to video is a professional video editor which enables, you to customise your video by adding your favourite background music and supports various audio and video formats to mix audio with video.This application is for changing background music of a video. Using this video editor, you can add or mix any audio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger, then it will automatically trim the audio to video's duration. If the audio's duration is less than video then audio will be concatenated to video's length. These operations are done with high speed. You can share these videos to social networks like Facebook, Gmail etc. using add audio to video app. Mix audio with video by using the various options of this video editing app.
Thinking of customising your video by adding a background music to it? Want to mix audio with video with various audio and video formats? Then add audio to video is the ideal video editor to do so.
Features of Add audio to video
1. Choose your favourite background music for your video using this music editor.
2. Record an audio, the way you want, which can be added to a video using this music editor.
3. Trim the audio or use it in original form using this video editor.
4. Have a preview of the video, to which the background music is added, before sharing or saving it.
5. To mix audio with video, the formats supported by this music editor for videos are mp4, wmv, avi, flv, 3gp and that for audio are mp3, wav, aac.
6. Save the video to the phone and also share it through different platforms like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp etc. using this music editor.
Add audio to video is the best video editor app for background music for videos. Download this top music editor app and mix audio with video, all for free.